About Us

noiZee was born in 2017 out of a desire to bring a social media marketing strategy to all of the businesses who have missed out on what is now one of the most powerful forms of advertising and especially more so when looking at R.O.I.

noiZee was created by a small group of Edinburgh based entrepreneurs who have all used social media as a key advertising tool within their existing companies to provide rapid growth over the space of 4 years.

We strongly believe that our expertise in these areas provide a strong basis to provide the consultancy to allow other businesses to thrive.

Meet the Team:

Queen Bee/Marketing Manager – Georgina Gregory

Georgina graduated from Napier University in Edinburgh with a degree in Festival and Events Management. In her spare time, she enjoys running a food blog and Instagram account for local foodies in the Edinburgh area. Her Blog and Insta features images of her beautiful Golden Retriever ‘Penny’ who she enjoys taking for walks in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

Director – Roddy Forfar

Roddy’s skills lie predominantly in the customer service industry, although he also has interests in the retail sector which is where he started his career. Well versed in attaining the goals of his B2B clients in a timely and professional manner.

Director – Gordon Robertson

Gordon’s skills are mainly focused on the retail and food sectors. Within these areas, Gordon has created a niche in a marketplace he feels untapped by his competitors. Social media has been a strong focal point within the marketing strategies of each of the companies to provide strong client retention capabilities.



noiZee isn’t just another boring hard sell social media company. We believe the digital marketing strategies we put in place coupled with our passion for collaborations allow us to market your company online and offline. With this in mind, you can gather ‘social’ to us is all-consuming, so when you come on board please be ready for a busy year filled with events and your own personal brand manager whose sole interest is to grow your business – because let’s be honest – the better you do, the better we do!

So let’s do it together.