How Facebook Groups Can Benefit Your Social Strategy

With over one billion Facebook users now using Groups every month for a number of different reasons, we take a look at how they can benefit your business. It is commonly thought nowadays that even if a business doesn’t have a definitive social media strategy in place, they will most likely have a Facebook Page. However, here are a few tips on how to take advantage of Groups and ultimately strengthen your online presence.


By creating groups, you can inform your group of new announcements, events, breaking news or even product updates.


Begin a discussion to firstly express your point of view, and also receive the thoughts, opinions, and advice of others. This is a great way of exchanging opinions on different topics. You can also share inspirations and inspire the community around you.


Groups are great for encountering new things and finding useful ideas for businesses, personal use and more.

Promote and Offer

Create a buzz around a new product launch or even launch a campaign that a specific group will be interested in. You can also use paid media budget to further your reach. You can also offer special discounts or sell an inclusive product through your group.


Most people use Facebook Groups to create an event or follow up on attendance. It’s a great way to help organise something in the local community or organise a nationwide event for your brand.

There are many ways you can use Facebook Groups.
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